Chat Fu

Entrant 2014

Blot Interactive


Chat Fu takes Facebook Chat and turns it into a social video game. The game focuses on "chat battles" that force players to trick their friends into saying certain words in Facebook chat. For example, you can select a target word like "lunch." You are then tasked with getting your friend to say "lunch" without mentioning certain trap words like "sandwich."

Your friend also doesn't even need to know that you're playing the game. To the other player, Chat Fu conversations show up as the typical private messages you'd expect to see with Facebook Chat. Chat Fu players can also share their victories by posting instant replays of their deceptive accomplishments on their Facebook walls.

"It has the potential to become the next Words With Friends." -

"Rather than think of Chat Fu as a Facebook game, think of Facebook itself as the game." - National Post

"If we were able to give a prize to the most uniquely awesome video game idea that we've seen in quite some time, then there's no doubt in my mind that Chat Fu would take home the gold." - Gamezebo (Web Based Game of the Month August 2013)