Entrant 2020



Chromatose is a Role-play Game/Visual Novel hybrid PC game that explores the concepts of redemption, human nature, and fatalism. Played like a RPG, Chromatose has a compelling character-driven story with dialogue and plot actions that dramatically affect both gameplay and story, puzzles, and a novel card-based battle engine. The protagonist, Leroy, finds himself comatose and trapped in a collective nightmare with nine other strangers. They have twelve hours to overcome the fatal flaw that left them comatose, or they will die when the Coma World collapses. Unable to remember how he found himself there, Leroy must explore these strangers' memories, learn from his new friends and enemies, and help them defeat their demons before the time runs out. Will they learn from their mistakes and get a second chance at life? Or are they fated to perish? Destiny beckons, little one.