Chrono Disfunglement

Entrant 2014

DigiPen Team Wakka 9


Chrono Disfunglement is a 3D puzzle platformer in which you play a mysterious protagonist who has been lost in time. With the power to control time and to rewind objects, she must navigate her way through devious mechanisms of the strange world while avoiding the menacing time-consumer and escape the world before it's too late to save herself.

Gabriel Tay - Lead Designer, Producer
Sean Chan Hong - Technical Director
Lim Ee Siang - Tools Programmer
Sim Min Soon - Level Designer
Liu Zhi Yang - Physics Programmer
Steven Hernandez - Lead Artist
M.J. Quigley - Lead Music
Jon Everist - Lead Sound
Ariel Gitomer - Environment Artist
Muhammad Firman Osman - 3D Character Artist