Entrant 2014

Digital Tentacle


Digital Tentacle present "Circuits" : A musical based puzzle game.

Simple in concept, but very challenging and rewarding, Circuits is a puzzle game that requires deep listening.

The goal of Circuits : Complete and put the musical circles in order to reconstruct each level track.

Circuits is an experiment based in musical exercises, and put it in a form that every one can play and achieve with more or less effort the goal of build a musical track. The circuits are an abstraction or an analogy of a pentagram, the energy flowing is the tempo dimension of the music, the horizontal view of music. and each branch represent the way builds in the space. As you go far in the game the circuits become difficult and the different parts of music appear : basses, leads, chords/harmonies, rythms. So the player also can have a global view of how musical structure works,

all masked through electronic music.

Circuits Features :
⦿ 23 unique Circuits
⦿ Elegant, minimalist graphics
⦿ hauntingly beautiful Soundtrack