Citizen of Rome - Dynasty Ascendant

Entrant 2020

Sathvik Software Solutions


Citizen of Rome - Dynasty Ascendant, is a premium text-centric life sim set in Ancient Rome, it is already released on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS via Steam, Google Play, Apple AppStore and other stores, and with a player base of over 3000 paid players worldwide with generally positive reviews

As a player, you get to see how life was in the Ancient Republic, participate in their various customs, festivals and Ludi / sporting competitions, and politics while raising a family and moving up in the social and economic hierarchy in the Republic.

You can educate your children, marry them off, sponsor their elections and more. You'll usually play as the eldest of your sons once your character dies and continue through multiple generations of your family, growing your family's power and prestige, and perhaps one day help shape Rome's destiny