Student Entrant 2014

Zurich University of the Arts ( ZHdK)
elephant at work


CMYK is a singlescreen multiplayer platformer for up to four players. One player takes the role as king and has to run away from the others, who want his crown for their own.
Possessing the crown grants points over time. When a player reaches the predefined goal, the game is over. Players can apply colors to the platforms with, which then have an effect depending on their color. On magenta platforms player run extremely fast, on cyan ones they jump super high and players can't collide with yellow platforms.
The result is a high paced and fun game for you and your friends.

CMYK is currently in alpha status and was developed as the final bachelor project for the game design course at the ZHdK ( Zurich University of the Arts).
A release is planned on the OUYA and you can already download the current alpha version on