Student Entrant 2014

Uppsala University Campus Gotland
Digital Tuna


CoBots is a game about two daring robots who have been tasked with saving their spaceship from crashing into a nearby star. They are permanently bound together with a forcefield, preventing them from moving too far away from each other. This forcefield is their strength as they're able to utilize it in order to solve puzzles and navigate the dangerous environments, all while trying not to accidentally destroy each other.

The game takes place onboard the spaceship and is played from a 2.5d perspective. Choose to experience the wondrous environments and challenging puzzles either with a friend or by yourself.

CoBots was developed by six first year students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland (formerly Gotland University) during a 10 week course in game production in the spring of 2013. Most of the team had no previous experience at all in developing 3d games and no one had previously released a game. It was also the first time the team worked together.

CoBots later went on to win multiple awards at the Gotland Game Conference 2013 during early summer and is now going commercial this fall.