Code Hero

Entrant 2013



Code Hero is a game that teaches you how to make games to teach everything else. Your Javascript Code Ray shoots code and turns the Unity game engine inside out. Ada Lovelace the First Programmer of 1862 is your First Mentor at Gamebridge Unityversity, a Hogwarts for Hackers where you go from hacking the Labyrinth apart in the Arcadeon to shipping your first game in the Real Artists Shipyard. In your first 15 minute tour your Matriculation makes you part of the Humantheon Hall of Heroes alongside the greats of computer and game science. Code Hero gives you a world to explore that teaches you how to create worlds and upends the 2% creator myth to make gamers into game developers and players into programmers to create a world where code is the new literacy and programmerization is the new monetization.

You'll wield Hiro's Metaverse object-slicing Codetana and hack objects and code apart mid-air and mid-execution. As you dilate Time.timeScale itself to a sub-frame, sub-physics and sub-instruction standstill, everything code does is step-by-step clear and hack-by-hack editable. Meet the Founding Coders in the Historium to assemble a Difference Engine, punch actual cards for the steam-powered Analytic Engine and help Turing crack all computation and Nazi Enigma codes to win World War 2 before stepping into Bell Labs to meet the founders of UNIX and C to printf("hello world"); on the very PDP-11 computer that printed on actual paper out of the keyboard. Discover game dev and superscience career opportunities and destroy 100 algorithmic FizzBosses before they destroy you to prove your programming prowess and take on the JobBosses to earn actual job interviews. Talk to the first Artificial Intelligence and hack its code into an avatar of yourself to speak for you in the Humantheon and take on the ultimate challenge: To use Code Hero to create a game that transcends Code Hero. Add your game to the Axia Primer world tree and make games that teach everything else to make all knowledge playable.