Entrant 2020

Wraith Games


Collapsus is a puzzle game all about gravity manipulation and resource management. You physically twist, turn, and flip your device to line up matches of like-colored tiles. The game has been called a "digital Rubik's Cube" and "Tetris in reverse". The game features hundreds of modes for endless challenge, including a Standard mode, 50 Challenge & "Plus" modes which add new twists to the game, Puzzle mode with 300 built-in puzzles (and an online Puzzle Maker), objective-based Mission mode, and up to 8 player local & online multiplayer.

Since working on Collapsus, we've won 9 awards (including an AbleGamers accessibility award, and a few other awards at various events including PAX East), nominated for 9 others (including IndiePrize USA finalist) and were featured at the Smithsonian's "SAAM Arcade", the "Kinda Funny Games Showcase", and "Game Masters: The Exhibition". Collapsus has also already been confirmed for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, & Steam in addition to mobile.