The Con Simulator

Entrant 2019


The Con Simulator is created solely by indie developer DGSpitzer, and is a new simulation game where YOU can play the role of a comic con organizer. So how does it start? You find yourself in a situation where the whole nation is in the midst of an economic crisis, and YOU become the one who rises up to save the world by organising comic con.

Select your character from many different options, each of which possessing unique qualities and abilities as a comic con Organizer. The game tasks you to arrange stalls, hire cosplayers and satisfy visitors to make money. Strategy mode allows you to use cash to make upgrades and disrupt your opponents using skill cards once the convention ends.

Defeat opponents by capturing all stadiums on the map… and become the King of Comic Con who saves the nation! The Con Simulator is currently in development but already has a Steam page, and will be released on Steam at the end of 2018.