Entrant 2014

10x10 Room


Conclave is a tabletop-style browser RPG you can play solo or cooperatively in parties of up to four. When playing cooperatively, you can play at any pace from real time to a turn a day; the game shifts seamlessly between synchronous and asynchronous play depending on whether you and the other members of your party are online at the same time. Because the game's client requires only HTML5 & JavaScript, you can play from just about any web-enabled device, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Like the tabletop RPGs that inspired it, Conclave is story-driven and includes an overarching campaign of interrelated adventures set in an original fantasy world. Each adventure is a mix of several turn-based combat encounters and party decision points. The combat takes place on unique battlemaps with traps and other special terrain, while the decision points alter upcoming combats or the course of the story itself. In both cases, your options are determined by how you've created and customized your character; you have five archetypes, five races, and hundreds of abilities and items to choose from.