Entrant 2018

Bitty Blip Entertainment


WARNING! Don't IMPLODE! Killer SHARKS, hungry BIRDS, sharp SCISSORS, smashing HAMMERS and expiring TIME stand between you successfully connecting rotating Orbs to form Geometric Shapes.

Connectron is an addictive reflex based, retro inspired arcade style game, focusing on gameplay mechanics where you must touch orbs and drag lines to form geometric shapes before your time expires and your orbs go critical and implode!

Enemies stand between you and success so either tap them with your finger or use bonus items to destroy them.

Connectron features:
- 22 levels with 10 geoshapes to be completed for each level. (for over 220 scenes)
- 22nd level generates an infinite amount of stages for endless playability
- Retro inspired 80s coin op arcade style gameplay and graphics leveraging touch and accelerometer.
- Earn bonus store items upon unlocking the next level or completing all 10 geoshapes for a level
- Game Center Leaderboards for every level

Decoy Mines - Effective against Birds and Sharks. Lure them in and watch them explode!
Hourglass - Geoshape spinning uncontrollably? Slow it down for 10 seconds.
Disable Red Orbs - Turns off all red orbs so you don't accidentally connect to an incorrect orb and boom!
Biscuit - Dogs chewing up your geoshapes. Feed them these biscuits and watch.
Safe Flight Joystick - Fly safely through Stargates
Meter Off - Not enough time to connect Orbs in your geoshape? This will help.
Bullseye - Suffering from Red Eye? Why not just blow it up with one tap?