Containment: The Zombie Puzzler

Entrant 2013

Bootsnake Games


Containment transports the player to the sleepy town of Franklin – a town best known for its award-winning apple pie, the state's largest Science and History museum, but most recently, the Zombie horde feasting upon its citizens.To combat the undead, the player surrounds zombies with citizens of Franklin to remove the undead before they attack. Players also have such items as Molotov's, sniper rifles, and mailboxes at their disposal to stem the zombie outbreak.The zombies aren't pushovers though. Through the three act campaign, the player will face four zombie types including two boss zombies who bring epic encounters to the grid. The player must use all their abilities to help Franklin survive.
To tie it all together, Containment uses a unique blend of in-world text and ever moving in-engine cut scenes that keep the action flowing so you never miss a beat. Bootsnake Games brings an unprecedented style and action to the puzzle genre. From the surround mechanic and the full 3D environment and characters to the real time action, Containment: The Zombie Puzzler is a puzzle game like none before it.