Contraption Maker

Entrant 2014



Channel your inner Rube Goldberg and make the most ridiculous contraptions you can think of. Use wrecking balls, conveyor belts, cats, and more to solve menial tasks in the most complicated ways possible. Solve puzzles or create what you want in the maker lab. Play alone or build together with friends cooperatively online. The game is all about creating, and sharing that creativity. Built in animation and movie recording tools will allow you to share more than just puzzles.

Contraption Maker is a spiritual successor to the classic game The Incredible Machine, a quirky puzzle game you may have played 20 years ago if you were old enough to play games. We are a very small team consisting of the original creators of Incredible Machine plus a few more. Never getting a chance to fully take the game where we wanted it to go originally, it finally felt like it was time to do our own thing and make the game we always wanted to.