Cookie Beats

Entrant 2014

Upbeet Games


Test your rhythm while in full control of a drum pad cranking out funky drum beats and grooves. Learn to play and recognize popular rhythms and patterns found in all kinds of music using drum machine sampler pads. Cookies will appear on the grid in time with the music. When the cookie timer has expired it's time to tap! The better the timing, the higher the points! Is the beat playing too fast? No problem -- Cookie Beats will slow down the rhythm so you can catch the beat.

Don't waste your time "playing music" in games that make you tap buttons but don't actually trigger sounds. Cookie Beats was designed by beatmakers, composers, and music technology teachers at Beatshop Labs, a school for music technology sponsored by Propellerhead Software (makers of the Figure app and Reason audio software). It takes inspiration from music theory software, Music Ace and popular music games.