Cosmic DJ

Entrant 2014


Cosmic DJ is a game about life, a game about fun, a game about love. An iPad game where you become a Cosmic DJ and make music to spread good vibes throughout the galaxy. After meeting STEVE3 and learning how to use the Tap Sequencer and the Grid Sequencer to make unique looping musical phrases, you must use your skills to remind characters why they should stay together and jam out.

Each level contains four scenes where you can sequence up to five unique instruments to add your own musical material to the backing track. Each music video-esque scene contains characters and effects that react to the music you make by animating in time with the notes that you enter. Adding music to a scene fills up the Jam Meter, eventually allowing you to move on to the next scene. At the end of a level your sequences are remixed into a short song. While the song is being recorded, you can create cover art for your song using a Purikura-inspired interface. Your completed song and cover art can be saved to your iPad and shared with the world using SoundCloud (which includes cross-posting to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites).

Cosmic DJ is not a game about challenges, competitions, or winning. At its core, Cosmic DJ is a game about experiencing the joy of music-making, even if you have never played an instrument or used music software.