Entrant 2015

Ground Control Games


Cosmonaut is a first-person/space simulator. The game places the player in the role of a lost Cosmonaut who, after an event he cannot remember, wakes up orbiting the earth. He soon realizes that its life support equipment is bearing eminent failure, with low levels of oxygen, energy and fuel. Taking the hardly intelligible messages of a damaged radio system, the player must combine skill and quick thinking to survive.

In a dark weightless environment, he only hears its own shortness of breathing, low frequency and emergency messages from a damaged radio. Surrounded by space debris and depending on its spacesuit spotlights, the player needs to refuel from dead comrades to put off inevitable death and find a way out. The game combines visuals, sound, non-linear story-telling and diverse interactions to become a fully immersive experience and making the player forget that it's just a game!