Crafting Life

Student Entrant 2016

Hampshire College, Champlain College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Brandeis University, Becker College, Berklee College of Music
Team 315: Isaiah Mann, Shannon Mitchell, Ari Green, Joseph Gillen, Devi Acharya, Matteo Lanteri, Alex Ripple


This fast-paced puzzle game takes you on an adventure through space, to gather elements from different planets before crafting them into something new with the hopes of creating life in the galaxy.

In Crafting Life you can test your reflexes to swap elements quickly enough to get them into the right ship. But it adds a twist — the difficulty changes based on the amount you play and discover in the world.

It's not just a test of speed though, with over 130 different elements to craft and thousands of possible combinations, Crafting Life pushes player creativity to the limit. With each new item the player creates, the possibilities of what they can create increases. As they make more interesting discoveries, the challenges and the objects they craft become even more complex.

Crafting Life sets itself apart by challenging players both physically and mentally in this quirky puzzle game. Devise new formulas, activate gravity-defying powerups, and discover how to make life itself! Crafting Life will be available on iOS and Android tablets in January 2016. To find out more, visit their website