Entrant 2015

Butterscotch Shenanigans


Paint your home into existence, tame every creature you come across, and do the dance of death in Crashlands.

The first game of its kind designed for the touchscreen, Crashlands weaves together crafting, exploration, creature taming, base building, and narrative into one massive adventure.

You play as Flux Dabes, an enthusiastic explorer on a mission to discover a new source of energy to save a shattered Earth. With her trusty sidekick robot, Juicebox, Flux finds this energy source, the "Juice", in the core of a newly discovered planet. BUT. Before Flux can send news of the discovery back to the Earth-bound Bureau of Science, her ship is destroyed by an unreasonably sarcastic alien scientist who calls himself Q. After surviving the crash you must gather and craft until your mastery over the planet's environment and its creatures provides you the power to defeat Q, discover the secrets of the Juice, and send your knowledge back to the dying Earth.