Crater Kings

Student Entrant 2015

Northeastern University
GrappleHook Games


Crater Kings celebrates the official pastime of space miners of the future. Driven to relieve boredom and compete during long hours mining the moon for resources, these workers developed a one-of-a-kind sport called Dig Ball.

Every year, the Lunar Mining Corporation celebrates their strong heritage of not doing work at work with the "King of the Crater" tournament. For fame and fortune but mostly crowns, miners compete to become the Crater King.

Crater Kings pits players against one another as they intercept and redirect the dig ball into chunks of space rock placed around the arena. Using local gravity flipping, players jump from the floor to the ceiling as the ball ricochets around the arena. Special enhancements to their space suits allow competitors to block the ball or shoot through the air. Timing and precision is everything in this fast paced game where space sports sports space space.