Crude Oil

Entrant 2021

Peter Nichols


Crude Oil is a 3D adventure game starring a featureless blob, trapped inside a sprawling automated refinery. Slip-n-slide your way thru an intricate open world as a morphing puddle of oil, governed by soft-body physics. Collect and shed more oil as you go, to grow into a formidable glob or shrink to a modest slick. Hunt out the "entitlements" left behind by the area's now-departed human occupants, to gain access to new areas. Dodge or disable a swarm of robotic janitors. Launch yourself off a ramp and toggle slow-motion to savor your character's outlandish acrobatics.

Crude Oil combines unwieldy and visceral slime mechanics with a sandbox's exploratory freedom, while taking atmospheric cues from Blade Runner 2049 and the films of Studio Ghibli. All wrapped into a wordless, not-too-subtle saga of ecological retribution.