Entrant 2013

3 Sprockets


It's the age old struggle between Good vs Bad, Blue vs Red, Little men vs Little men.

Cubemen is a fast paced, action packed, single-player & cross-platform multi-player original 3D Tower Defense game mixed with many RTS elements!

There are no static towers. You units are little Cubemen and you can move them around to play any strategy you wish.

From single player Defense games with up to Four enemy bases attacking you, through to One-on-One online Skirmish games with perfect Two-Way TD rules... all the way up to Six player online Mayhem games were the gloves come off and it's do or die in the most crazy TD action ever.

Online game modes are cross platform and all multi-player modes can be played online with mixed AI/Human players or locally versus AI only.

It's TD like you've never seen or experienced before.