Entrant 2014

Jan Horacek, Jindrich Pavlasek


Cubesis: a strategic game
Cubesis is a turn-based strategy in which the player assumes the role of its inhabitants, the Cubies, who must survive in a hostile world using many different elements (they can influence the sea level, the climate of the land, dig holes in the ground etc.). It is entirely up to the player how he will decide to deal with different situations (sometimes he will need to reach a different continent or sustain a surplus of hungry bellies). The conditions of the game change throughout the levels, but also within the levels themselves: fields dry out, Ikjuch raises the sea level etc. The player must adjust his or her plans according to these conditions, which requires various measures in order to succeed.

The uniqueness of Cubesis
At the core of the game is the fragile balance of the gaming world, over which the player gradually assumes control. All the aspects of the game connect into a complex sphere of relationships. Depending on the situation, different actions can be positive one time and negative another. The population and the number of churches, the supplies of grain, but also the sea level are all interconnected. The number of churches in relation to the number of people determines which way Ikjuch´s scales will move: meaning whether he will bring the flood or "separate the sea", but both churches and cubies also require food, so it´s very difficult to find the balance. But did we mention that the harvest depends on Cubeworld´s climate, which is governed by Likael? As you can see from just a few examples, the relationships in the game are quite complex. You can leave your usual habits from other turn-based or building strategies at the door and enjoy something new.