Cyberpet Graveyard

Entrant 2019



Cyberpet Graveyard is a supposedly haunted set of folders in which a collection of long forgotten virtual pets are buried.

It is a walking sim where the environment is desktop folders filled with html pages, images, and .exe's as inhabitants.
You explore these branching folders, each its own environment, and uncover the underlying story behind Cyberpet Graveyard.
The basis is entirely on exploration, but in a sense that your desktop becomes the world.

Cyberpet Graveyard features a little over 41 programs, some more buried and harder to find than others, as well as a large amount of other written work.
It is a collection of strange software that you must discover. Each program has its own personality and story.
In Cyberpet Graveyard programs are treated as "characters" and the folders are their homes.

Long forgotten, covered up, and put out of existence, the Cyberpet Graveyard directory recently resurfaced. The download is haunted. You are encouraged to turn away, and not enter the graveyard. If you do not heed the warnings then you are tasked with getting to know its long forgotten virtual inhabitants, maybe even to learn the unsettling truth behind Cyberpet Graveyard.