Cymatically Muffed

Entrant 2018

Kelsam Games


Cymatically Muffed is an action-puzzle platformer. Players take on the role of 17 year old Blink as she attempts to escape from government testing. Don't let her small stature fool you, Blink packs a hefty punch and has several other abilities that make her a formidable adversary. Mouse-driven mechanics give the player a new level of control, which comes in handy with abilities like teleportation and throwing projectiles. Unfortunately, brawn is not enough to escape the facility, which is laced with tricks and traps to prevent her escape. Tight controls let the player take charge and allow for variable gameplay styles. With her trusty muffs available to provide an adrenaline burst when she needs it, Blink will sneak, fight, solve, and teleport her way to freedom. Escape your captors and find out what new challenges await you. Now you too can experience the beat!