Entrant 2020

Chua Productions (Bernice Anne W. Chua)


"Dágat" is a cute endless runner game, where you play as a fish who was separated from their school, and you have to avoid dangers like predators and plastic bags. (Since it's swimming, maybe it should be called "endless swimmer" instead??)

This game is still in early alpha, and LOTS of improvements and changes are still being currently being worked on.

Chua Productions is a 1-person indie videogame studio, namely myself (Bernice Anne W. Chua).

This game was inspired because of my love of nature and snorkeling and scuba diving, and I want to share my love of the sea with everyone! ^-^ Aside from that, this game is very dear to my heart because I would like to raise awareness about the issues that marine life is facing. I grew up in the Philippines, which is surrounded by the sea. So when issues face the sea and the marine life, it has more impact to the people in the Philippines.