Student Entrant 2015

Xiamen University
Peng Bi Tao


     The game developers for Pengbi Tao, the project began in November 2013, fighting version as in July 2014. Target making a three-dimensional ink martial arts action game, temporary version only fighting part of the story yet to join. Guqin music "Guanglingsan" Hu Ying play, rest all parts produced by the developers.
     Times set in the Ming Dynasty, the game includes a single hands Yanling Dao weapon, a shield, and bows and arrows. All the textures in the game are scanning process ink painting on rice paper come, the role of scene design, also by individual design and production, music and sound recording portion of the main computer production.
     Killing the game in pursuit of freedom to operate, all physical damage collision judgment, and strive to achieve full operation while no stroke victory trick. So different from other games is that this game does not have any moves and specific actions, all actions require players to real-time operating details are entered.
The difference is that the other game, play the game the need to reach an understanding that: you control a weapon, rather than the role.
     Game, although the role looks so holding weapons, their role stabbed, and the control is directly driven arms, weapons and then driven character moves. This awareness is very important, otherwise the game will be in operation have a great confusion. It is also for this reason, can not be brought into other games of thinking habits of mind when playing this game, otherwise you will feel this game is not operating or operating cook your feces.
     Meanwhile, when the operation, the control moves is not specific, but to control the details of each movement, continuous movement input, the whole operation would be the formation of specific behavior. And the force is a process, there is also a movement acceleration and deceleration, each local has inertia, therefore, simply brandished a knife, nor is it dependent on direct drag the mouse, but it needs to find a rhythm movement.