The Day We Fought Space

Entrant 2022

Tursiops Truncatus Studios


In The Day We Fought Space, a wreck 'em up with spiraling chain reactions, fight your way through enemy territory while reclaiming earth. Strategize, explore, and respond to the environment and enemies around you as you aim to destroy everything in sight. In a game more about reaction than rehearsal, improve your skills as enemies and weapons consistently evolve in the procedurally generated world. Use physics to your advantage, creating dynamic chain reactions to throw your enemy off their game, as you adapt quickly to minimize damage and maximize opportunities.
Upgrade and personalize your ship to best suit the mission at hand, while tapping into new weapons that impact your ability to take your enemy down. In this third-person sidescroller, feel the visceral satisfaction of dominating your enemy as you feel the adrenaline-pumping thrill of embarking on a new expedition and reclaiming the world.