Dead Cells

Entrant 2015

Motion Twin


This is cooperative tower-defence. You and a band of survivors find yourselves on the run from a rampaging enemy hellbent on slaughtering everything that breathes. You must work together using anything you can scavenge to fortify your stronghold before night falls.

Waiting for you is a death so terrible you'll do anything to be the last to go. How defensible is this place? Should you stay and fight or move on? How long will our food last? Who can you trust? Is John stealing rations? All of these thoughts race through your mind as you watch and wait. They're coming and there's no more time for doubt. It's do or die.

Dead Cells places you in a hostile zombie filled universe with limited resources and no chance of surviving alone. You'll have to work together to cheat death for another night, but ultimately you must confront your doom. The aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible while ultimately trying to be the last one alive...