Entrant 2014

5 Bits Games


Gravity. Lost in the void, you can't tell if all this is real or just a binary dream. You feel attracted by this tower, attracted to climb it endlessly, hoping to find some answers.

Air Control. You already know it's not a game. Avoiding the security system seems to be so hard but so rewarding at the same time. You feel it: the adrenaline, the flow... but one wrong step and it's the end. No, this is definitely not a game!

Help. Reminiscences of fallen minds seems to follow you like shadows. They gave you the Switchgun, allowing you to activate or deactivate structures, reconfiguring your environment, finding one way up among many other paths.

Skills. Learn to tame the air, master the gravity... Be ready to challenge your brain and your skills in this game that combines FPS, platform, and environmental puzzles. Find the best way to the top. Try to be a star among the sparks on the top of the leaderboard in frenzied speed run games.