Entrant 2015

Sky 9 Games


Loosely based on the true story of Egypt's secret missile program in the 1960s and the Mossad spies who infiltrated and eliminated those behind it. Deception presents an espionage experience that emphasizes story and player choice amidst a paranoid, morally ambiguous world. An adventure game at heart, death and violence are not treated lightly and come with grave consequences as the issues of pre-emptive responses to threats are explored. Deception focuses on the elements of being a spy that are often neglected in games; gamble in European casinos, get information out of femme fatales, and infiltrate the highest echelons of power without needing to pull a trigger.

Above all, the ambitions of this game are to tackle very relevant issues in a realistic and honest manner. We hope to illustrate how difficult it can be to do the right thing and produce the intended results in the world of espionage in the Middle East. Deception chronicles the events that led to the Six-Day War which saw Israel capture the Gaza strip from Egypt, the results of which are still very much felt today.