Deep Sixed

Entrant 2019

Little Red Dog Games


Instead of playing the role of a stalwart space-captain righting the injustices of the universe, Deep Sixed is a love-letter to the Scotty's, Geordi's and O'Brien's who are out there with just a space-wrench and a roll of duct tape trying to keep the radiation scrubber from falling apart. In this game, you take on the role of The Pilot, an incarcerated victim of circumstances who is required to serve her sentence on a deep space probe manufactured by the lowest bidder. With only the ship's AI and a detailed field manual at her disposal, The Pilot must keep her ship operating while completing increasingly challenging mission objectives.

Your ship stays with you from start to finish. If something breaks, it'll stay broken until you figure out how to fix it. Spare parts need to be anticipated and ordered in advance from the holders of your prison contract. Meanwhile, there's a whole universe of procedurally generated mysteries for the ambitious explorer to discover, including a diverse ecosystem of intergalactic fauna with their own predator, prey and scavenger roles to play.