Entrant 2020

Iori Branford


Demonizer is a vertical shooter in the early to mid 90s arcade style of Raiden Fighters and Battle Garegga.

In a cartoon fantasy land, an exiled princess has turned into a demon and joined the peaceful monster-girl tribe. When her former kingdom attacks she fights back with her newfound hypnotic and transformative powers. She departs for the king's throne room where she will confront her father and bring the invasion to an end.

Survive the waves of advancing human soldiers and capture as many of them as you can. Defend yourself and your friends with your stun lasers and bombs, then catch the unconscious enemies before they fall offscreen. Some you keep to harvest their spirit energy. Others you transform into sister demons who fight by your side. As you gather more spirit energy, you refill your bomb supply and unlock additional powers to grab enemies from afar.