Destination Ares

Entrant 2018

Patrick Scott


Take control of a decrepit spaceship, hurtling across the inky Black towards the red planet, Ares — and the hope it represents. Everything will fall apart, the crew will suffer, and resources will disappear.

You are the ship's artificial intelligence. They're relying on you.

Keep flying, no matter what it takes.

~ ~ ~

Destination Ares is a game about humanity. It's a lens into the cruelty, fallibility, idiocy, isolation, kindness (and potential redemption) inherent in all of us. It's about the struggles we face and that we cause each other to face. It's about groping in the dark for a better way.

It's a hard game. There's no shame in never reaching the end; perseverance can be it's own reward. After all, losing is *FUN*.

Good luck, AI.