Detour Bus

Student Entrant 2022

University of Southern California
Late Stage Interactive


Detour Bus is a VR construction-comedy game, where players build winding highways around themselves to take the Flowers family on a psychedelic road trip across post-infrastructure America. Snap roads together to traverse groovy landscapes, avoid hazardous obstacles, and prevent corrupt Senator Joseph McCarthief (Travis McElroy) from turning all freeways into pay-to-drive tunnels! In each level, players visit an iconic monument where they must guide the family's microbus to tourist sights using an assortment of randomly-generated, inconvenient road segments. In a story told through responsive voiceover, nostalgia junkie Daddy Flowers (Cyrus Nemati) aims to revive his family's bonds before the end of Summer vacation. But stuck together in the car, workaholic Momma, communist-in-training Junior, and social-media-baby Goldie have a lot more to fight about than unite over.

Designed with an accessibility-first approach and support from The AbleGamers Foundation, Detour Bus aims to challenge the dominance of high-action titles in the virtual reality space. Intuitive one-button controls with maximum feedback make for easy pickup and provide the foundation for a wide range of control options, from customizable locomotion to no-reach and one-controller modes.