Entrant 2017

Among Giants


Distortions is a game of musical psychodrama. Set in a deserted, surreal environment, a girl embarks on a journey of self-knowledge. The only things she can rely on are an old violin and a lonely, forgotten road. She knows she can´t stray from the road …
"Always follow the road."She realizes that time appears to have stopped. Objects are frozen in mid-air, unaffected by gravity. At her touch, the once motionless objects return to life and fall to the ground. In front of her is a road leading to a destroyed stadium in the distant horizon. She follows the road. Off in the distance, she begins to see a strange, giant creature chained to the stadium ...

This is a game of exploration and suspense. The player guides the protagonist, a young girl, on a journey through a vast and lonely world. At her disposal is a violin that the player must use to play music that can protect her, defeat enemies, manipulate the environment, shape the world and much more.Distortions is a 3D game set in third-person.