Entrant 2013



DONUT GET! is a game about a cop eating donuts raining from the sky.

When faced with a once in a lifetime opportunity, Officer Brown rushes to the scene of a Donut Shoppe fire. As 'lookie-lous' gather around, Officer Brown is tasked with keeping things orderly until the fire department arrives. Instead, he decides to 'go for broke' and devour as many donuts as possible -- letting nothing stand in his way.

DONUT GET! is something like an interactive animation. It has 3 games tied together through the scenario: driving, fighting and donut getting. The outcome and events will vary depending on the player's action in a given playthrough. The game can be played multiple times to find different events along the way.

* Game by Bryson Whiteman --
* Character Design by Ricky Enriquez
* Music & Sound Design by Cryptic Circuitry --
* Animation by David Rodriguez --
* DONUT GET! Box Art Illustration by Matthew Harris --

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