Dragon Up

Entrant 2014

East Side Games


Ancient destiny? Or lazy witch? Whatever the reason, you have been tasked with rebuilding a Legendary Dragon Roost and unlocking the secrets of the Forbidden Door of Mystery!

Hatch, feed, and entertain delightful dragons to build your legendary dragon roost! Send happy dragons on trips and they will reward you by barfing up gold coins or even a rare treasure. Equip dragons with treasures to send them on bigger and better trips! More features include:

● Play with dozens of unique dragons like the Grim and Fat Dragons
● Enchant Dragon Eggs to hatch the perfect Dragon!
● Collect colorful foods from villagers and grow your Dragon Roost!
● Over 100 magical treasures to collect and craft!
● Equip dragons with their favorite treasures for bigger and better rewards!
● Free trapped Dragons from behind the Mysterious Door of Mystery and raise your dragon family!

So hatch a Hippy Dragon, play catch with a Commando Dragon, and if you're lucky, maybe even pet a Pug Dragon…in Dragon Up!