Dragon Fantasy Book II

Entrant 2013



Dragon Fantasy Book II is a role playing game telling the tale of a middle-aged knight, Ogden, who has gone bald, out of shape, and past his prime. Ogden has joined up with Anders, the mischievous prince of Wester, and the Woodsman, a crazy old man who has forgotten more about the past than anyone else remembers. Together they're searching for a talisman that contains the soul of the Dark Lord, an ancient spirit whom Ogden defeated in the events of the first chapter of Book I.

The Dragon Fantasy series is a retrospective on the history of RPGs. Continuing from the 8-bit original, Book II employs a 16-bit style with a new, fully animated dynamic battle system. While exploring the world of Book II, players will engage in ship-to-ship combat on the high seas, travel the world in glorious Mode 7-style 3D, and play with their friends in the new multiplayer mode!