a dream? - a poetic experience

Entrant 2017



- An artistic puzzle platformer about different facets of life and personal experiences.
- Each level represents a personal theme, conveyed through level composition, challenges and soundscape and is narratively structured around a poetic structure.
- In Japanese culture the frog is seen as a symbol of luck and throughout the progression of the game each step reflects the small steps and jumps we as humans do to progress in our lives, ambitions and dreams.
- Association between movement and sound is elemental and the soundscape is generated based on the interactions of the player.
- 40 stages with different themes and associated obstacles to overcome.

Game Mechanic
- While the player only controls the jump of the frog (direction, strength and time), the dynamism of the levels creates a number of varieties and challenges.
- Dynamism is created through the fact that landing on objects creates ripples, which affects other elements in the level based on their characteristics.
- Ripples are created not only by the player, but by any other frogs in the level, similar to the effects other people have in one's environment.