Droopy Blocks

Entrant 2013

Mechanical Butterfly Studios


The Droopy Blocks™ have melted and you must get them back into their original shapes using your fingers and your wit in this unique puzzle game! The game is all about moving your fingers and your hands in fun ways to solve puzzles that challenge your dexterity and spatial and timing abilities. Enjoy the puzzles solo or play together cooperatively with more hands!

* 80 Puzzles!
* Unique dripping, and holding puzzle gameplay
* Championship mode with Game Center Leader boards, Game Center Achievements
* Tap mode, makes the game easier for casual or younger players
* 4 Player profile slots, so 4 people can play on the same device

"Simple in concept, but challenging in execution, Droopy Blocks will have puzzle lovers dripping in satisfaction." - Gaming Relativity

The object of the game is to get the Droopy Blocks from their starting shape and position, into the Goal shape. To do this, you need to use the Sucker creatures on the edge of the game board. Tapping a Sucker will wake it up and make it Suck the Droopy Blocks towards it. The player can keep parts of the Droopy Block they do not want to move in place by pressing on them with their fingers. The game supports multi-touch and drag selecting to hold blocks in place.