A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher

Entrant 2018

Ask An Enemy Studios


A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher is the only split screen single player twin stick risk 'em up in which your score is meaningless unless you exist. Guiding two ships, simultaneously, in split screen, your primary goal is to get the highest score possible, however the only way to keep it is to decide when to leave with it. Playing 'til death is not an option. You will lose your score and your leaderboard position.

The Left side destroys enemies to earn points while the Right side recovers resources to help multiply those points. The Left side does not take damage, but moving and shooting consumes your LINK. You must sacrifice the Material that you are recovering on the Right side to re-establish the link. Use it wisely as Material also multiplies your score on extraction. Your score is determined by how many enemies you kill (Destruction) multiplied by how much Material you recover. In order to Extract with your score you must recover 12 Parts. You also have two and a half minutes before the walls cave in on her. Use your B.F.P. to buy yourself more time. DESTROY THE LEFT. RECOVER THE RIGHT. Don't lose sight of your mission. TRACKHER.