Echo Knights

Entrant 2014

DigiPen Team Doppelgangers


Echo Knights is an arena-style shoot 'em up game where up to 4
players compete against each other to be the last one standing.
Echoes of player's past will either assist or hinder them at the
start of each game. It is up to players to plan ahead and make full
use of their past to influence their future.

Chng Shi Rong - Game Director (Game Design, Level Design, Artist)
Tan Weisheng - Lead Game Designer (Player Mechanics, Echo Mechanics, Physics)
Soh Yi Heng - Producer (Level Editor, Object Manager)
Lionel Lim - Assistant Producer (Collisions, Picking, Physics)
Andre Pong Yu Xuan - Art Director (Artist, Game Design)
Tan Zhe Xing - Technical Director (Engine Architecture, Debug tools, Graphics)
Andrew Ang - Lead Programmer (Graphics, Animation)
Yee Zong Han - Test Manager (General Game Logic, UI Design)