Echoes of Aeons

Entrant 2021

Alchimia Studios


Echoes of Aeons is a retro-modern, hand-painted and animated, narrative driven 2.5D action RPG set to a riveting soundtrack. Drawing inspiration from classic JRPG's of yesteryear while enhancing gameplay with innovative modern elements.

■ Features
• Follow Rin and Eldric across the world of Terra and into the unknown. A tale of two souls, bound together by fate, as they challenge destiny in an epic tale of time and space, love, laughter, the human condition and those who seek to destroy existence.
• Explore a gorgeous hand-painted world, find hidden items, play mini-games, and set sail via the world map to many varied locals!
• Fast paced action combat with massive boss fights! Switch your character on the fly to gain a tactical edge in combat! Do battle as a ranged archer with devastating AoE magic or an in-your-face melee specialist with quick-fire abilities.
• A beautifully crafted soundtrack. With 50+ songs, Echoes of Aeons has an expansive score that really sets the mood and brings the world to life!