Eden Obscura

Entrant 2019



Welcome to a paradise of sound and life.
Journey to the garden of sound and life, a mysterious and artistic place full of the extraordinary!

Eden Obscura, named after the historic camera obscura, is quite literally "light" entertainment; it uses the camera in your phone to create interactive visual effects while you jump around the screen gathering pollen to grow surreal artistic plants and landscapes in a world that is like no other. Vibrant colors combined with eclectic and sophisticated electronic music take you on an artistic and mind expanding journey, while at the same time it is quite simply a ton of fun to play.

Eden Obscura is a reimagining of the award-winning game PixelJunk Eden for mobile devices, and is once again helmed by international multimedia artist Baiyon, previously featured in the magazine Game Developer as one of 50 people to watch in the games industry.

Liberation from Programmed Visuals
Being mobile, the device can be taken to different places to capture the scenery around you, liberating the player from predetermined visuals that does not change.

*Physics Behavior
Physics behavior was put in into plants, that serve as platforms in the game to express an organic and tranquil waving motion.

*Analog Creation
Eden Obscura expresses an organic feel and a sense of disorder like an ink dropped on a sheet of paper and and watching it flow naturally.

*Visuals that Change Depending on your Surroundings
Stages are created in real-time through contrast of light and movements in the background that are captured through the camera, replicating a kaleidoscope-esque visual.

*Euphoria through Techno/Deep House
Sound is based on techno, specifically a deep house sound. A repetitious rhythm combined with nostalgic melody allures the listener with a distinct euphoria.