Student Entrant 2021

Howest Digital Art and Entertainment
Team Brezak


Eggventure is a VR team game where 2 or more teams can compete against each other to get the highest score. Each team member will have to take care of a little monster with the help of the rest of his team.

The player with the VR glasses will have to perform numerous tasks to hatch the little monster and keep it happy for 5 minutes. The rest of the team can use various resources such as an app, cookbook, potion book to describe what the player should do for the monster.

The player with the glasses will be rewarded with points based on how he cared for the monster. So as long as the monster gets what he wants, the player with the VR glasses will be rewarded.

After these 5 minutes it is up to the next player of his team to take care of a new monster and the VR glasses will be passed on until all players have taken their turn. After all members have had their turn, the total score of the team will be shown in the VR and therefore it is up to the next team to do worse or better.