Electric Zine Maker

Entrant 2022



The Electric Zine Maker is a printshop, funhouse, toy box, and playful tool for creating zines and other cute little things. Lose yourself in a world of colorful UI's, playful silly features, and come out the other end with a zine!

Mastery is completely unimportant. This is a world that rejects skill and professionalism. All you have to do is tinker. The Electric Zine Maker captures the love of DIY culture and zine making, distilling its values into a colorful space that lets you explore your creative whims.

The Guardian called the Electric Zine Maker "a clever, accessible tool in the disguise of a joyful toy" and it was described as "playful, unrestricted, anti-perfectionist vibe" on The Observer.
The Electric Zine Maker was built as an act of rejecting perfection and the values of maximizing productivity that hover over modern software environments. It's more than software. It's a disarming world of color, silly things to tinker with, and way of exploring creativity. It's about bringing back what we once loved about old-school weird art software like Mario Paint or Kidpix. It's closer to a game. It's about play!

The world of zine making is about love and sharing. It occupies the same space as DIY indie game culture. Sharing, personal expression, openness, vulnerability, creative exploration, love... are values to be celebrated in these spaces. The Electric Zine Maker is playful software that captures that love.
Keep software weird!