The End Of The World

Entrant 2016




The End Of The World is an apocalyptic 2D point blank range shoot 'em up, crafted to empower every inch of the arcade adrenaline, you'll need to see the world through the violent eyes of Jane & Lex Aronax.

Featuring retro top down perspective, colorful close range action & a deranged storyline wrapped in a beautiful arcade machine, you'll feel every second as the last & every death as a step to relief.

From Mad Max to Road Rage, The End of the World is humble inspired by classic road action movies & car combat games, traverse through the coin nostalgia and drive destruction against your demons, even becoming one of them.


Jane Aronax (16) rescue his brother, Lex Aronax (23), from Bloodcapital mental institution, to take part in a fable of epic revenge in the heat of a planetary coup d'etat.

Jane has a desperate plan to seek & destroy tyrant Kaiser Graham (56), because she found that the same man who's taking over the world, exterminating the people who cannot pay for their survival, and reducing population to a more sustainable dictatorship, has something to do with the murder of Jane & Lex daddies 10 years ago. Join these fools and in the process, become a greater threat to mankind than the enemies you're trying to defeat, being the ultimate responsible for The End of the World!

Lex Aronax will drive Black Nebula, a custom reinforced destruction derby car from his father, who taught him everything about being the last man standing on the road.

With Black Nebula rising from his grave, Jane & Lex will be able to let loose his sorrow, going suicidal side by side, unleashing an over-the-top tour de force through the definitive 8-Bit release of summer arcade sensation!

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Speed up...
Open fire...

Key Features
•Hypnotic Top Down Raw Action

•Unusual Shmup Gameplay Mechanics

•Cheerish Colorful 2D Retro Graphics

•B-Rated Movie Characters and Storyline

•6 Tracks of Awesome Awesomeness