Entrant 2020

Ken Tanigami-Christen


While connecting a line with two dots is a classic concept in gaming, enen has a new, but simple approach. Touching anywhere on the screen triggers a curve to grow along given background surface lines. The user is free to continue searching and recreating the curve until she finds a line whose end points connect the two circles, while avoiding the squares. This basic mechanic stays the same while everything else is prone to change. Circles and square can move and jump around at different speeds, producing a mixture of fast-paced action levels with more contemplative puzzle levels.

The innovative mechanic is enriched with procedurally generated sound. The four game worlds are as sonically diverse as they are visually. enen has no pre-recorded soundtrack, but rather a generative soundtrack based on synthesis and sample-processing. It is a living sound design that continuously evolves with the game's visuals while reacting to the player's input-when and where they press on the screen, and how their line grows. No two play sessions of enen will sound the same.