2013 Competition Entrants

by Eggs & Toast Workshop
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EchoPond is a fun interactive toy that fosters imagination and inspires conversations and shared experiences between parents and children. Inspired by Kandinsky's writings on synthesia and using the perfect match of multitouch and little hands

the magical pond comes alive with sound and colour which come together to create a unique piece of music and art. Inspired by Kandinsky's writings on synthesia, it invites the child and parent to explore the relationship between colour and sound by feeding the fish in the pond colourful organisms that make lovely sounds and colours when eaten.

by Klei Entertainment
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Eets Munchies is a beautiful physics puzzle game featuring amazing, hand-animated characters and creatures.

- Hand-animated characters and environments!
- A pixel-perfect, deformable physics engine!
- A level editor that is the same one that the devs used to build the game!
- Dozens of items that interact with each other to create amazing possibilities

by I-Illusions
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In Element4l, you control the state of your character to find your way through a dreamy underworld. Your only hindrances are nature and the sun. It takes a different, experimental approach to classic platform games and challenges you to rearrange your reflexes. The state-changing, physics-based gameplay invites all ages to think logically, and reveals that pressing the right button at the right time, is often more rewarding than speed. Just when you thought pressing the left button would make your character go left, Element4l crushes this doctrine.

by Christoffer Hedborg, Datahowler (Ross Edman)
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Adrift in space. Strange geometry, mysterious instruments, lost signals, alien structures, distant echoes.

With an Original Soundtrack by Datahowler.

by Amplitude Studios
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Endless Space is a 4X strategy game covering the space colonization age, where you can control every aspect of your civilization: Economy, Diplomacy, Science and War.

This galaxy is ancient, and its first intelligent life was the civilization we call the Endless. Long before our eyes gazed upon the stars they flew between them, though all that remains of this people is what we call Dust. A substance found scattered or in forgotten temples, it once gave powers to admirals and galactic governors. The galaxy will belong to the faction that can take control of the Dust and uncover its secrets…

by Ultramegatronic
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Envelop is a arcade-puzzle game that uses a unique multi-touch input mechanism to manipulate an envelope into the right shape to capture the oncoming blue blocks (while avoiding red ones) before time runs out. Your envelope cannot be split into multiple pieces and can't be merged in a way that would create holes.

Perfectly capture each blue block pattern to increase your multiplier. Miss blue blocks or capture red ones and your meter goes down. How far can you get before your meter runs out?

by SuperChop Games
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Ephemerid is a musical adventure game about insect love, fate, and epic beats.
* Use touch to explore a paper world
* The music is your guide
* Help a simple Mayfly find its destiny

by Tigerface Games
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Combine your problem solving skills to find the same total in this two player puzzle game.

Join North and South in their quest to balance the Globe. The goal is simple: you and your partner have to make the same total using different sets of numbers (fruits): for instance, making 7 using 5+2 and 8-1.

Once you've created your equal equations, Globe turns - making day into night and night into day. With each turn, the season advances: will you and your partner make it all the way from Summer to Spring?

by Woo Games
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Join your allies in the epic battle to retake the galaxy and show that you are the best pilot for the job!

Fight with 8 others over the Internet on your WiFi or 3G/4G connection. Gain the upper hand against your opponents with a variety of fighters and robots with unique abilities. Lock on and destroy your enemies with Homing Missiles, Seeking Mines, Rail Guns, Attack Drones and more!


* Take part in epic space combat battles (up to eight simultaneous players)
* Select from more than 20 weapons and 12 "Elite" fighters and robots
* Choose a mission and start playing right away with a streamlined multiplayer setup
* Join five playable multiplayer missions from the start
* Earn cash and XP to unlock and purchase new fighters, robots, weapons – earn XP to unlock new multiplayer missions
* Add friends and send them boosts to help them in combat (and receive boosts from them in return)!
* Battle against the world in cross-platform play
* Earn Game Center achievements
* Opt for one-player Survival Mode
* Show who's boss with Game Center leaderboards for all missions

ErnCon is mobile multiplayer gaming at its finest!

by Dave Ravel of Flesh Wound Games

Eros - an audio-visual poem.

Eros can't really be described as a game.

It's more in line with Tale-of-Tales' concept of "real-time art".

It's not about competition or goals, but being in a space, and just taking in the experience.

What's it about? Well, that's not really for me to say, but for you to decide.

by Sileni Studios
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Evo Dash, a fast-paced retro platformer based on a Ludum Dare entry from the August 2012 competition (http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-24/?action=preview&uid=12356). Evo Dash features wild, hectic platforming action taking place in a completely randomized world, making every playthrough different from the next. As the game progresses, new opponents and bosses will cross your path in random order and with random properties. Your goal is to survive as long as possible in the three difficulty settings, which range from tricky to fiendishly hard. Can you adapt to the new challenges, or will you perish while trying?

Evo Dash aims to be an enjoyable experience in bite-sized chunks; something you keep coming back to when you have a couple of minutes. The randomness guarantees a fresh experience every time you start up the game, and the challenge will keep you coming back to beat your high score.

by Speakeasy Games
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Exeunt is an autorun game inspired by the Occupy Movement and progressive metal.

In the spirit of the progressive rock movement of the 70s, Exeunt attempts to move the interactive medium forward by combining simple and fun gameplay with a political message. In London 2003, a million people marched against the Iraq war. Unsuccessful, a generation were shown that they had no say in the actions of their government and retreated to a life of escapism in games and fast paced media. Finally, after nearly a decade, the Occupy Movement seeks to reignite the passions of the downtrodden 99% with a clarion call against climate change, inequality and state sponsored violence.

Exeunt reflects the anger and energy of Occupy. When an animal is backed into a corner, it becomes the most dangerous thing on Earth. Become the animal. Become the revolution.

by Lazy 8 Studios
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On its surface, Extrasolar appears to be a scientific expedition that has opened the doors to volunteers who can help direct rovers around the surface of an extrasolar planet, exploring it one photo at a time. Before long, the story back on Earth becomes just as compelling as the startling discoveries on the planet as our player finds herself at the center of a conspiracy, not sure whom to trust.

Extrasolar is pioneering new gameplay and technology. Gorgeous images of the planet's surface are rendered in the cloud and delivered to the player every few hours, making each player's experience unique and raising the bar for the appearance and immersion of Web games.

by Secret Exit Ltd.

Eyelord is an overloading, eye-popping, heavy rocking pop 'em up!

It's ear-splitting loud, retina-burning bright, and finger-breaking frantic.

The soundtrack is outrageous heavy rock opera recorded just for this game, and the power-ups are some of the most megalithic ever! Our lightning strikes THREE TIMES! (Take that, you wimpy, wussy, regular lightning bolts!)

by Abrakam
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Faëria is an Online Strategy Card Game in which you face your opponent on a board.
The game begins covered in water and it's the players who create the board as the game progresses, strategically placing land over to shape bridges, islands and walls. Land control greatly affects how the game plays. For instance your lands are potential spots to cast your creature and structure cards. Of course there are ways to destroy lands... or simply move them. There is so much to say about the cards that we prefer to let you discover them.

Faëria is designed to be a battlet.net like service, allowing you to meet players for playing or trading cards, view your achievements,...

Whether you like Board Games, Real Time Strategy Games or Trading Card Games, you should expect a lot from Faëria. Each game you play feels totally unique.

by Anneke and Oliver Eberlei
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In Farm for your Life the player has to face the challenge to build and manage a farm during a zombie apocalypse. He has to cook food for other survivors and build a small colony to ensure long term survival and the eventual resocialization of the zombies.

It is a strange time-management game which combines the accessibility and cheerfulness of casualgames with the typical brutal setting of a hard core game. This creates a contrast that takes both genres for a wild ride.

by Summer Camp Studios
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It's Fart Cat!, the tongue-in-cheek arcade game for all ages featuring the finicky kitty who just wants to be left alone! Feed Fart Cat the food he desires, empowering him to clear the room of his overly-affectionate owner with a powerful *POOT*! Go for the high score, with adorable sound effects and music from the legendary Grant Kirkhope!

Also included is the bonus mode FartCraft! Feed Fart Cat any combination of foods to unlock 32 different farts with unique sound effects and names, from "Call of Pooty" to "Fartatouille." Find every recipe and earn a chef hat, for your cat!

by Cipher Prime Studios
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Feedback is "sort of" radial pong if "sort of" radial pong were a fire-roasted haunch of albino unicorn foal, basted in a red wine reduction made from a bottle of 1787 Chateau Latife recovered from the cellar of a lost Byzantine monastery in the deepest Black Forest, topped with aromatic neon flakes made from the broken shards of Las Vegas dreams, and then sliced, deep-fried, and fed to you by the loving, baby-soft hands of angels.

Also, you play against your own music.

by Hyung Gyu Oh
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FPS style online 3D action game for iOS devices. It merges real and virtual worlds to create strong interactions between players and generate compelling 3D battlegrounds

by Subatomic Studios LLC
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Get ready to defend the world: Fieldrunners 2 has arrived! The fieldrunners are back and more mischievous than ever in Subatomic Studios' follow up to their original tower defense classic, Fieldrunners, winner of the Best Game and Achievement in Art awards in the 2009 IGF Mobile. Build winding mazes out of deviously charming weapons to defend the world from the invading clone army of fieldrunners!

Subatomic Studios is aiming to raise the bar for tower defense with Fieldrunners 2, starting with an all new engine that was years in the making. New enemy AI allows every single fieldrunner to choose their own path across the battlefield. Drag towers through the swarms of troops to watch them dynamically change their routes in real time, wrapping around defenses just like a realistic mob of angry clones! Bridges, tunnels, ramps, and trenches add depth to the war zone, challenging players to use these obstacles to their advantage. New modes, like Puzzle and Sudden Death, put a unique twist on the genre. Creative weapons, like flame-throwing Jack O'Lanterns and beehive launchers, allow players to assault their foes in disturbingly hilarious ways. With all this and more wrapped up in a hyper detailed 2D world filled with gorgeous, hand painted artwork, players are in for a real treat. Strategic-Action-Puzzle-Defense has never been this fun and addicting!

by Infinitely Large Prime Numbers (Chris Daniel, Chase de Languillette, and Nick Daniel)
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An emergent language, card-based, fighting game that lets you live out the tense moments before an epic kung-fu battle.

You are a fighter on the side of justice who has been severely wronged by the opponent you now face. Unfortunately, your opponent feels the same way about you. Only one of you can win -- the one who deserves it -- the one who has been most wronged by the other. So before the fists fly you must use your words to prove that if there is any justice in this world, you shall triumph.

Craft attacks where accusing your opponent of such horrible sins as "killing your grandfather", "destroying your hometown", "stealing your DNA" or even "banishing your ant farm to the phantom zone."
Add extra omph to your accusations with combos like: "you killed my grandfather WITH A PENCIL" or "you destroyed my hometown EVERYDAY FOR 15 YEARS".
When the going get's tough, slander the subjects of your opponent's accusations: "your grandfather was secretly Hitler!"; or counter their attacks by exclaiming "THAT'S A LIE!"

With these tools you can use your words to prove to the universe that you were the most wronged because in the end only one can win, the one with the best Fighting Words.

by Thomas Ryder
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Final Girl is a survival horror game for PC. The unnamed female protagonist is stuck inside a strange Freudian nightmare, where hypnotic minimalism mixes with extreme gore. Armed with nothing but a hunting rifle and a few rounds of ammunition, the Final Girl must fight an ever growing horde of mysterious chainsaw wielding men. Strange new game rules emerge as conventional game design rules are deliberately bent and sometimes even broken. Final Girl is a state of mind, a parallel world infected with dark surrealism.

by Plant Pot
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Spin rings around your fingers and escape into a world of ambient sound and abstract shapes.

Develop your dexterity and unwind your mind.

WARNING: Moments of meditative focus can lead to sensory climax. Grass skirt NOT required.

by Streaming Colour Studios
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Fingers feeling nimble? Fingers feeling flexible? Twist, stretch, turn, and tie your fingers in knots to solve these fun puzzles! Are your fingers up for it?

Finger Tied is a multi-touch puzzle game, only for the iPad. In each Finger Tied puzzle, fill in a shape by moving up to four fingers around on your iPad at the same time. But be careful, lift a finger, or go out of bounds, and it's game over. Finger Tied will test your mental, as well as your finger abilities!

Finger Tied can be played entirely by yourself, but for even more fun, invite some friends over and Finger Tied makes a great party game!

by Post-Crash Games
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Finitris is a puzzle game based on the relation between regular expressions and finite state machines. The game presents the player a regular expression. The player must construct a finite state machine, which accepts all the strings matched by the regular expression and rejects all the strings not matched by the regular expression. The game will try to outsmart the player by periodically feeding the machine strings, which are incorrectly accepted or rejected by the machine as it is. This also helps the player to see what the problem spots of the machine are.

Finitris includes a comprehensive tutorial which explains the game interface and the concepts, so no prior knowledge of regular expressions or finite state machines is required.

Finitris is made with Javascript, and the graphics use the SVG library Raphael. Be sure to zoom the browser screen so that the game screen is as large as possible. Full screen mode is recommended.

by SharkArm Brothers
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Fins & Flippers is a competitive multiplayer arcade game. Up to four players take control of undersea divers as they attempt to fling the most fish in their boat using their elastic harpoon guns. Watch out for sharks as they lurk through the waters searching for fresh prey! Win the match by mastering your fish catching techniques or by swinging the other team's divers around and feed them to the sharks! A succesful fishing team's strategy and tactics will have to adapt to the constantly changing playing field, as a variety of elements such as mines, electric eels, treasure chests, and more may appear in the deep waters of Fins & Flippers.

by Brian Kokernak & Carl Jagt
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Save the babies! But don't be distracted by their cuteness. GenXers who lost their arcade innocence on Atari and early Nintendo will love the retro look and feel. You must have good reflexes to position the firefighters so they can bounce the window-diving babies to safety. Fire Escapes starts off slowly but builds up to a torrent of babies and -- as you master the game -- Ninja babies. Yes, Ninja babies. Distinct bounce patterns for each baby add to the fun twitch gameplay.

Tap or tilt to move the firefighters one position to the left or right. Three positions, a building on fire and babies to bounce to safety. Pick-up-and-play retro gaming for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch featuring Game Center leaderboards and achievements, arcade music, squeaky sound effects and chunky pixel action.

by Jeffrey Yeo
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An auditory journey.

by Nitrome
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This is a puzzle platformer for 1-2 players that centres around the mechanic of not being able to jump but instead being able to create a magic ladder whenever the player is on the ground. Progress through the game is measured by the number of gems collected that are spread throughout a map of connected rooms, some of them hidden by secret walls.

Ladders can be used to activate switches, bent round corners, pass through special teleporters, kill monsters, sent on journeys by moving platforms and most importantly they can also collect gems for you, creating a vast variety of opportunities for puzzles and action-challenges.

At any time a second player can jump into the game and help solve puzzles (some puzzles co-op only, some puzzles hackable with co-ordinated efforts) or split up to divide and conquer the search for gems. Leaving the game is just as simple, allowing players to teleport to each other when the need arises or take a break without interrupting the pace of the game.

The game world spreads across several themes (some visible in the trailer and screenshots) with many more mechanics than seen in the demo, including: fireballs that interact with ladder manipulating devices, magic ladder destroying goop, patrolling duck guards that can use your ladders and teleportation to save points at any time using your map.

by Coding Jar Studios
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In Fling Theory, players solve physics-based puzzles by manipulating atoms and destroying obstacles. Your weapon? Electrons! Play through hours of gravity -- and mind-bending levels. Fling Theory aims to unite all gamers through a love for science.

by ReignGames
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95 "baa-ffling" levels, hundreds of sheep, and an incompetent dog: this is the puzzle game your retina iPad has been waiting for!

Obligatory plot: The sheep dog was just resting his eyes for a moment… but when he opened them, the sheep were gone!!

In Flockwork, your job is to help the sheep back to safety, but there's a catch: all the sheep move together in a flock. You'll need to use your finger and your brain to guide them through 95 stages of puzzles. Bounce sheep off walls, squeeze them through gaps, build bridges… dodge hungry wolves!

by Ankama Play
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FLY'N is a platform-puzzle game with a twist: players can control four different characters, the Buds, each with their own gameplay. FLY'N is a mixture of contemplative passages, where exploration and reflection come first, and pure platforming, during which the player's abilities will really be put to the test. There will also be perilous confrontations against bosses located at the summit of the World-Trees: Dyer's machines, responsible for piling up garbage in the world of Helycia.

by Sparklet Studio.(Zhang Ziming, Li Yuan)
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Flying daggers is a tough platform action game, seriously challenges you control skill. Unique control style can make you immerse in the game.

Flying daggers has anything you want. More than 20 original epic tracks, vivid and refined animations, more than 10 kind of weapons and cute enemies, all in here. And the most important feature is slow motion. What can you do when the world is slow motion except you?

by Cribster
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Fold-Man is a funny creative game for playing together with friends.
Each one is drawing one part of a creature, in his/her own style and phantasy.
Finally the whole creature unveils,
and you'll be excited and happy about what crazy things you created,
and what a great time you are having together.

by University of Washington
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Foldit is a game in which players compete and collaborate to fold proteins, using a variety of tools to pull, shake and wiggle the protein into the correct shape. The challenge creating Foldit was to combine the power of computers and human minds to allow ordinary (or extraordinary) people to contribute to science - without needing any prior education. This was no easy task, as protein folding is extremely complex - and so is the software that tries to model it.

Most games start with a game engine. Foldit started with a heart of biochemistry. To ensure the game would produce valid scientific results, the game was built on top of the protein modeling software Rosetta. The developers of Foldit had to take software that was designed for scientists to run computation-heavy, distributed batch computations and create a real-time, interactive game. The game also had to present this complex biochemical model in a intuitive and fun way that could be understood by players.

Already, Foldit players have contributed to several important scientific results, including solving a protein structure that had stumped scientists for over a decade. With the introduction of protein design to the game, players helped to design a synthetic enzyme and improve nearly 20x over it's initial activity. Foldit enables players to tackle some of the hardest problems of our time - whether it's fighting cancer, coming up with solutions for clean energy or curing the flu. With Foldit, players have the potential to make a significant impact on the world around them.

by BetaDwarf
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Left 4 Dead meets Diablo
FORCED is a fast-paced cooperative arena combat game. In it, you work together with your friends to succeed in ever more dangerous trials over a diverse set of arenas. As your team racks up victories, you'll get to level up and customize your skills with the 4 different weapons. If you enjoy fast-paced combat, skill experimentation, and game systems that promote teamwork, then FORCED might be the game for you.

And.... It might be the first game that really includes a player shared avatar. That's the orb and the key innovation of the game, which provides really interesting co-op gameplay.

by Strides Interactive

Real-Time Strategy Redefined in Space. Experience the true impact of strategic decisions without being bogged down by tight build orders.

Choose your commanders wisely. Communicate with them. Extend your command, build your defences. Know your enemy well, read his next move, counter his strategies.

What will be your battle plan?

Imagine this, imagine that you've been an avid fan of strategies, strategems and tactics. You can relate easily to history, military textbooks and novels. But, is it possible to apply it in a RTS? In Foresight, yes you can.

=== Realism of Command ===
Realism of command permits such application of strategy, strategems and tactics. Realistic in a way that you, the player, although limited by some means, do not have to chase tech trees in a specific manner within a limited time frame in order to achieve a viable force.

=== Viability ===
In Foresight, it's much easier to be a viable force to be reckoned with. All available arsenal in the tech tree are available to you as soon as you've gotten your first shipyard. You may ask... so does that mean that I can build the largest ship in the game right from the start? Well, technically, you can do that. But this choice will cost you precious momentum in generating your economy. A large ship will easily starve you your precious credits required to build up a balanced fleet.

=== Responsibility of Choice ===
You are responsible for everything that happens in Foresight as a field commander. But you make only the choices and not control the path(s) that lead to them. This means when you request for a fighter to be built and deployed onto a ship of your choice, you don't have to hand-hold this puny fighter all the way from construction, till deployment, till delivery, and till it enters your ship's hangar bays.

Micro-management is not prohibited, but it's not encouraged either.

=== Strategy-Based ===
Foresight is true strategy-based. Its core game mechanisms revolve around it. We want you to enjoy playing a real game of strategy and wits with your opponents rather than to struggle hard enough just to be viable. This means, we've made it easy for you to build up your forces. You'll be in charge of planning strategies on how to deploy those forces, including organization of your defenses. You'll have to think far enough in order to attain victory; a quick rush simply won't do.

by Dark Vale Games
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Forge™ is an online, class based multiplayer shooter set in a unique fantasy setting. A malicious being named The Devourer has swallowed the great pantheon of gods. Seeking escape, the trapped gods have deceived great warriors, zealous adherents and placed them on a faceless world called FORGE, designed sacrifice the weakest of these warriors in order to grow their own power. Choosing one of five unique warrior classes, the player must battle head-to-head with other players in a bid to free their god from the clutches of The Devourer. Armed with a set of powerful and unique abilities as well as a powerful and deadly ally, each warrior must overcome the varied challenges of Forge where every kill is a sacrifice and every sacrifice brings them one step closer to freedom.

Key Features:

Class based gameplay. At launch, choose from the Assassin, the Pathfinder, the Pyromancer, the Shaman or the Warden. Each with their own unique role to fill.

No grind! Unlike other titles with RPG style abilities, Forge offers a level playing field for all players regardless of their time spent playing. You're as powerful when you start playing Forge as you will be years from now.

Customize your characters. Though Forge does not offer any power increases as you level, you will unlock new abilities and armor as you play.

Ever expanding. While Forge has the accessibility and low time requirements of a first person shooter, we will constantly work on adding new content to the game, including but not limited to: Factions, maps, gameplay modes and even ever expanding features that continue to add on to the persistent elements of Forge.

by Phosfiend Systems
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Experience the world of FRACT, a first-person puzzle adventure game inspired by electronic music, specifically synthesizers.

Explore an abstract, broken-down world built on sound, rebuild its forgotten machinery, and create your own sounds and music within the world. Features an expansive and open world to explore and discover, stylized visuals and sounds that combine to deliver a unique and synaesthetic experience.

by Endgame Studios
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Old-school platforming on two screens!

Fractured Soul is a classic side-scrolling platform game with a twist: it is played across both screens at once! Created by platform gamers for platform gamers, and exclusively for 3DS, Fractured Soul literally adds a new dimension to this much-loved genre.

You are forgotten. Stranded on an outpost in deep space, you remember nothing of who you are. All you know is that you are different. You are able to shift into a parallel dimension at will.
The outpost has been invaded, and is now swarming with hostiles. Escape is imperative, and with danger on all sides, it is only your unique power that can give you a fighting chance...

by Loveshack Entertainment
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Framed is an interactive, narrative-puzzle adventure.

Trapped in an author's work of fiction, the player must rearrange the narrative elements on each page to change the outcome of the story. Using this ability, the player attempts to rewrite the Author's dark, and self-referential narrative -- one page at a time.

by Psychic Bunny
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FREEQ is an audio adventure game about eavesdropping and meddling with the future. Your device has acquired the ability to tune into transmissions from the future - but something in the future has gone terribly wrong. Love triangles, illicit affairs, global cataclysm, and a pizza guy who isn't what he seems - these are among the things you'll find when you surf the pulses. And the outcome of these things? Entirely in your hands.

Inspired by classic radio dramas and borne out of a frustration with the branching narrative formula, FREEQ is about having a passive and indirect influence on game events. In the game, you'll intercept calls and radio transmissions and be able to influence who those calls are connected to. Those actions all have consequences and play out as you jump through time, but you can't talk to the future. You can only listen to it and affect who talks to each other. Can you save the world and help true love win out WITHOUT directly choosing what will happen? That's the point of FREEQ.

by Twinbeard
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Thiiiiis... is my new computer game, I hope it finds you well!
I spent a lot of time on it; I think it's really swell,
It's very educational, I hope you can relate!
It teaches about fractions, which I think are pretty great...

This game is about learning, even when you are a frog!
And catching bugs that eat the fruit that grows within your bog,
They want to steal your fruit away, but it is not for them!
So snap them up with your long tongue, before they reach the stem...

All the fully ripened fruits are legal currency!
Spend them at the store to purchase frog technology.
How this ties to fractions is a little bit obscure,
but if you don't know fractions then this game may be your cure!

by Tom Piercy
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Crush your friends and those they love!

High octane Facebook friend crushing action! Control giant frog, Frogzilla, to destroy everyone you know and love, and everyone they know and love, in a total Facebook rampage of chaos and social networking!

What happens when a 5-ton mutant lands on your mum? Play Frogzilla to find out! (subject to Mum being on Facebook and being your 'friend')

by Pixel Molotov
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Your world is at risk in this story-driven retro rhythmical platformer!

You impersonate Vegah, a young kid made from music whose planet is being attacked by disruptive forces. Travelling back in time through the Music of the Spheres, you land on Earth and cover historical eras in search of a lost artifact. The whole game plays backward to the beat of electro composer, Cirius.

The rhythmical gameplay requires pressing the right buttons at the right time when colliding with colored markers. Jump, shrink, vault and swell through levels to claim high scores. For your performance directly affects how much the story unfolds. Play perfectly to even download the game's music for free!


"FromPulse is one of the best Xbox Live Indie Games I've played all year."
--- Pixelated Sausage

"One of the better Xbox Live Indie Games I've had the honor of playing."
--- CGRundertow

"Its ideas and attention to craft reaffirms my commitment to the service and independent game design as a whole."
--- theXBLIG

"This delightful digital quest is definitely worth your time."
--- TQcast

"An awfully good pitch, not least because it sets the mind racing as to how this mash-up could possibly work."
--- HookShot Inc.

"A game worth checking out!"
--- Sauropod Studio

by Totano Corp.
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Brian the fruiterer needs you!
Discover all 13 types of Fruitiny and protect them against evil bugs!

Fruitiny is the first "real-time" memory game ever... probably!
The rules are easy: apples match with apples and bananas match with bananas.
It's like a memory card game but with no turns at all! Think laterally, think fast!
Will you be able to discover what lies beyond round 64?

- A simple yet unique gameplay, reminiscent of card games of the past.
- A vintage tone in graphics, with those bright colors which made you smile.
- A poppy soundtrack which sticks in your head forever.
- Endless round variations and hidden game modes to unlock.
- Game Center and Facebook support.
- iPhone5 and iOS6 support.

by Subset Games
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In FTL you experience the atmosphere of running a spaceship trying to save the galaxy. It's a dangerous mission, with every encounter presenting a unique challenge with multiple solutions. What will you do if a heavy missile barrage shuts down your shields? Reroute all power to the engines in an attempt to escape, power up additional weapons to blow your enemy out of the sky, or take the fight to them with a boarding party? This "spaceship simulation roguelike-like" allows you to take your ship and crew on an adventure through a randomly generated galaxy filled with glory and bitter defeat.

by Whole Hog Games
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Full Bore is an exploration puzzle game set in a beautiful, convoluted underground network.

Players rely on curiosity and logic to pry apart the game world, uncovering the wonders and mistakes of the past.

Full Bore combines 2D pixel art with modern lighting techniques to achieve a look that is firmly set in the future past.

Original glitch/blues soundtrack puts you in the mood to explore and solve puzzles.

by Sheado.net
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Furdiburb is a virtual pet, puzzle, and adventure game mashup. After vacationing on Earth, Furdiburb's alien parents accidentally leave him behind. Players care for their newly adopted pet by feeding and cleaning it. They may also customize his looks, furniture, and house with fun-themed designs. The main goal of the game is to explore gorgeous lands, play mini-games (fishing, star jumping, bug dodging, and music writing), and solve puzzles in order to collect parts to fix up a broken spaceship so that Furdiburb may return home one day.

Developed by two guys and a gal, our goal is to make the world a happier place, one app at a time.

by Accademia Italiana Videogiochi and VSTeam
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Galaxy Wars is a multiplayer, fast paced, RTS game.
Choose from 3 different factions each with his own strengh and weaknesses.
Conquer the galaxy both online and offline in insane, action packed, matches up to 8 players!!!

The game has been developed in F#, as part of the ongoing research effort in the game development language Casanova (http://casanova.codeplex.com/). Galaxy Wars represents the applied research that complement the more theoretical research efforts of the project, and it has been the testbed for all the new discoveries of the game. Multiple published papers on Casanova actually refer Galaxy Wars for reference applications.